Saturday, July 2, 2011

from 3/21/2007 - Cookie


What a freaking SWEETIE!!! I've added new pics of her to the PLR page (in my top friends). There's a little info about her as well, but I was only with her for a few hours...

She would probably do really well with kids, not so sure about dogs though...she doesn't seem to like the "in your face" dogs, but she may have just been a little weirded out today...

She's a little underweight and has some dry skin, but she should be looking good soon. I gave her double what I normally give my dogs. Probably about 4 cups of dog food, 2 cups of home prep food (didn't measure either one though), 2 teaspoons of yogurt, 2 fish oil capsules and 2 vitamin E capsules...The fish oil should really help with her skin if we get it into her on a regular basis.

She took her shots like a CHAMP!! Every dog has argued with me about the kennel cough vax, but she did the least arguing. She even let me pull on her ears a little with no problems. My fuckhead roommate was waving his hands in her face to get her to move and she didn't even flinch. I picked her up and carried her around and she didn't care.

She loves car rides and especially liked getting in my lap while I was driving. I pushed her over and she was fine with that too. I'm hoping all works out with her foster home and she won't have to stay in the kennel for longer than a week.

Check out the pics of her on the PLR profile...

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