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from 3/18/08 - Dogs and NASCAR

Dogs and NASCAR

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Someone needs to tell Shae and Daisy that my bedroom is way to small for them to be running NASCAR around it at 10:45 at night...Daisy will be standing on the floor and Shae will be on the bed staring at each can just see them waiting for the other to make the first move...then Shae will launch herself off the bed and onto Daisy, then Shae jumps back and forth onto Daisy and the bed...really funny...and they are looking at my chair like it's in their way, which it is, and they tell me this by slamming into the footrest of it...Chaos has closed himself in one of the crates with an old marrow bone and Capone is on the back corner of the bed in a nest of blanket with a bone...
I spent about 6 hours in the truck today...Jen and I drove to PA this morning with Skye to do a home visit for her...She is now living with a nice family with a 4 year old boy, 2 year old girl and another 4 month old girl...She loved the kids and mom and dad...There were even 2 of mom and dad's friends there to meet her and bring some stuff up for her...We got there around 1:15 and left around 3:15...We wanted to give them and her enough of a chance to get used to each other and see how they, son AND the friend all got on the floor with her to called her up into his chair and cradled her like a baby...she didn't stick by me and Jen, but was checking the place out, sniffing and playing with toys...I loved the family, really liked them as people, not just a new home for my Precious puppy...hell, if they were closer, I'd want to be friends with them...But they even offered to meet us partway if we wanted to visit with her...So everyone keep your fingers crossed, do a little dance, shake some booty that it all works out...

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Danielle O Connor - well i hope it works out for the dog..and about ur furry kids playing at used to be that way at my house..

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