Thursday, June 30, 2011

from 10/12/2008 - Clifton Day and good Pit Bull ambassadors

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I went to Clifton Day today!!! I was thinking I had someone to cover PetSmart for me, so I said fuck it and went to Clifton Day with Jen, the Boy, Daisy and Healy.

We got Jen's dad to drop us off in the morning and we had to walk down into town a LOT farther than I was counting on...Between having to walk into town, walk back to the drop off point and all the walking we did during the day, my feet and knee are like WTF did you do to us...(10/13/08 - i checked this morning, it's a mile from where we were dropped off to the town, and the way back from town is almost all up hill...i'm too fat for that shit...)

Come 12, I found out I didn't have anyone to cover PetSmart for me, but Carrie totally stepped up for me when she got there and no one else was there. She ran the fair and totally told some guy to calm his damn nerves when he started getting shitty with her...Fuck him, at least she called to let me know that he might be complaining...He's not getting the dog anyway...

Daisy and Healy did great today, they met a ton of new people and a bunch of new dogs. They got along beautifully with everyone. The only thing we had an issue with was the horses from the pony rides (It's okay Ashleigh, they aren't like the ones from the Ren Festival). We have now discovered that unless it's another dog, Daisy is NO BUENO with it...She looked at that horse and said "Come here you son of a bitch, I'm gonna eat you." Oh boy did she want that thing. She started barking kinda funny at it, which made Healy start to bark a little too.

I bought the cutest little black leather purse for myself. Couldn't beat the $10 price tag on it, though it is pretty small so I don't know what I'll be putting in it. I also got Jen a purse that has pockets she can use, including a water bottle pocket. It's my early Christmas present to her since she gave me an early one too. And we stopped and bought some homemade dog mini muffins. I almost bought Daisy a rain coat. It was purple and really cute, but I don't think I would have managed to get it on her enough to make it worth it.

Daisy hasn't moved since we got home, other than to get closer to her daddy...And we've been home for over an hour...Healy and Jen are taking a nap too...Me, I couldn't sleep, so I'm sitting here watching Hope Floats on TV and checking email...

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