Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Weekend

I had a great weekend here at the Fairfax Hospital Hotel and Casino...The Boy came up yesterday and stayed the night with me! It was great just to have someone in the room with me, and I slept better. His snoring didn't even piss me off like usual.

The baby countdown is 8 days!

The Boy is going to come back up on Friday or Saturday and stay with me until Junior gets here. I think after having him here this weekend, I'll be able to get through this week a little easier. My ass is NUMB from sitting in the damn bed though. I know he had to be bored as all hell and will be next weekend too. I told him to bring some movies with him next time, and we can watch some on Netflix.

I can't remember if I mentioned meds in my last post, but I'm on a crapton of them!
I'm on an IV of heparin, which is a blood thinner; insulin; lasix, which is a strong water pill; toprol, which is to help control my heart rate; digoxin, same use as toprol; synthroid which is for my thyroid; pre-natal vitamin and an iron pill.

Cause I wasn't peeing often enough before, let's put me on a water pill! Then they doubled the dosage, great!

I hope to post again tomorrow and talk about the Monster Trio...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fairfax Hospital - and back to the beginning

So here I sit in the HRP unit of Fairfax Hospital...That's High Risk Perinatal for those of you who were wondering...I've been here since Monday 10/26/09 and am beyond ready to go home already...This is the third time I've been in the hospital since 10/4/09, the first time was for 5 days, the second time was just over 24 hours...and I will be here this time until at least November 13...

Let's start at the beginning...
I found out I was pregnant on April Fools Day of all days...I didn't believe it and had to take 3 home tests before I would even consider it...The Boy had been telling me for almost a week that he thought I was pregnant, so as soon as I got back from my business trip I wanted to know. I always thought I couldn't get pregnant, so this came as a big shock for me. I confirmed with my GYN and they referred me to a perinatologist group since I'm very high risk. I'm fat ass, have high blood pressure AND a major heart condition. The perinatologist pretty much told me I shouldn't continue with the pregnancy and she didn't think my body could do it. My cardiologist said I should do okay, but wanted to run tests...
Well, here I sit, 35 weeks pregnant and ready to believe the perinatologist's first opinion...We've discovered a few more things about my health since I got pregnant...

1. I have sleep apnea, which was causing me to fall asleep at work and had to take almost a month off to get that diagnosed and start treatment.
2. I have an under active thyroid, so now require the services of an endocrinologist and daily medication.
3. I have also recently been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, which I'm hoping stays gestational.
4. I have been diagnosed with preeclampsia, which is what landed me in the joint this last time.

I've hit the lottery when it comes to fucked up health issues. I just hope Junior doesn't end up with half of what I have. We've had him checked by a cardiologist who did a fetal ECHO and said she didn't find anything. Happy Dance!

So...Back to sitting in the hospital...I obviously have my laptop with me, which has helped bunches. I also have a few books and the TV. The hospital also has pretty strict visiting hours because of the flu and H1N1. Immediate family only, and only from 11-1 and 6-8. Boy do they mean it too. The only one exempt from those hours is The Boy.

And here is where I'm having issues...The Boy does not have a license, nor does he have a car...and apparently none of his friends care enough to bring him up here...I'm now in a private room where he would be able to stay all night if we could find someone to take care of the dogs (more on them later), and yet I can't get ahold of him...I can't even get ahold of him to tell him his son will be arriving on November 10.

I guess I'm just feeling forgotten...thanks for letting me ramble...