Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Weekend

I had a great weekend here at the Fairfax Hospital Hotel and Casino...The Boy came up yesterday and stayed the night with me! It was great just to have someone in the room with me, and I slept better. His snoring didn't even piss me off like usual.

The baby countdown is 8 days!

The Boy is going to come back up on Friday or Saturday and stay with me until Junior gets here. I think after having him here this weekend, I'll be able to get through this week a little easier. My ass is NUMB from sitting in the damn bed though. I know he had to be bored as all hell and will be next weekend too. I told him to bring some movies with him next time, and we can watch some on Netflix.

I can't remember if I mentioned meds in my last post, but I'm on a crapton of them!
I'm on an IV of heparin, which is a blood thinner; insulin; lasix, which is a strong water pill; toprol, which is to help control my heart rate; digoxin, same use as toprol; synthroid which is for my thyroid; pre-natal vitamin and an iron pill.

Cause I wasn't peeing often enough before, let's put me on a water pill! Then they doubled the dosage, great!

I hope to post again tomorrow and talk about the Monster Trio...

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