Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Making cookies

Waiting for our cookies to finish baking for Santa 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thursday, December 5, 2013

It's that time of year again...

Yes, the creepy little guy is back...Meet Birdy, our Elf on the Shelf...

Day One:  Birdy appeared the day after Thanksgiving.  I think this was his hint that he's watching all of us lol.

Day Two: A "Birdy's" eye view?

Day Three: Just trying to shed a little light on the situation.  Boog never found him that day, so he stayed put.
Day Five:  Just a early morning reminder to behave...

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Boogie

So I've been doing the 30 days of thankful on my Facebook page...Here's my day 10...

Day 10:  Today I am thankful for Boogie.  Four years ago today, I was scheduled for a C-section at 10am...as we were getting ready for surgery and they were getting IVs in and last minute checks done, I looked at the boyfriend and said I changed my mind.  I didn't want a C-section, let's just give this a shot the normal way...He wouldn't go for it and said they wouldn't either...

After finally getting me into the OR, they told me to take the hospital gown off, hug a pillow to my chest and then hug this very large Mr. T looking gentleman...I started cracking jokes of course, nervous as hell about the needle they're sticking in my back...With 2 anesthesiologists standing by the head of the bed for the duration and another on call (they were kinda worried about keeping me alive lol), they sliced and diced and presented me with this little blurry crying bundle...I couldn't feel anything from the chest down, so I couldn't wipe my eyes...

4 years later he still gets kinda blurry, but that's usually because he's running full speed ahead, or he does something that makes me laugh till I cry...Or because he's being a typical kid and i'm trying not to strangle him...

So in addition to being thankful for him, I am thankful for everyone who has been with us along the way.  All my friends and family who have told me to WOOOSAAA and every other thing people have done for us.  I refuse to name everyone, you know who you are - I have a party to go to this morning :)

Sunday, November 3, 2013


As I sit here, Boog is currently playing in his room - alone...I might be only 10 feet away in my room, but he is in his room playing without me.  He's not asking if he can bring his toys in my room to play, he's not asking if I can come play with him or sit in his room with him...

I know this is independence we both need - he needs it to grow and become his own person.  He cannot be an attached at the hip momma's boy forever...I need this independence for my sanity and to remind myself that I am not ONLY Boog's mommy...

I also took him to a "Parents Survival Night" at The Little Gym this week.  For $25 (member price, membership is $40 a year), they spend 2 and a half hours playing with a break for a pizza dinner in the middle.  For the last thirty minutes, they color to calm down and cool down.  For three hours I can drop him off and know he is being fed, taken care of, having fun and exercising in a way I still can't really manage yet.  He's interacting with adults and children he doesn't know.  He's learning how to play well with new people and personalities.  And I can go some where and have dinner and a drink alone, or I could actually have a date (OMG WTF is that lol).

This week, I watched the session for the first 15 minutes.  I say it was because he's never been left with strangers before.  That's true, but it should really be said that I've never left him with strangers before.  Because he didn't seem to care.  I, on the other hand, didn't want to leave.  I stayed in the shopping center and made my way over to Subway for dinner and then hung out in my car for a bit.  I went back to the gym for the last hour (my phone battery was dying and I was getting bored lol).  He didn't even notice I was back at first, but when he did he came out to say hi and then went back in to play.  He came over to the window and threw the ball at me a few times and then ignored me till the end.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Buffalo Chicken Dip

I made Buffalo Chicken Dip tonight, posted a pic or two on Facebook and got a few requests for the recipe...So here it is...

Four boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 12 oz bottle hot sauce
1 16 oz bottle Ranch dressing
2 8oz packages cream cheese

Boil the chicken until thoroughly cooked, let cool and then shred into a pyrex dish.

Once the chicken has been shredded, dump in the full bottle of hot sauce and mix so the chicken is drenched.

Pre heat the oven to 350.  While you are waiting for the oven to heat, mix the cream cheese and Ranch dressing.  You can heat it on the stove or in the microwave to mix better.  Once mixed, pour it on top of the chicken evenly.

Pop it into the oven for about 20 minutes, until the top starts to brown.

Variations - You can use bleu cheese dressing, which I can't stand lol, or add chopped celery, yet another thing I don't like.

The best thing to eat this with is Fritos Scoops since they're a lot more sturdy than most chips.  Something else I've done that was really good was to put the chicken dip on top of a big sturdy roll and top with a slice of Swiss cheese.  And last but not least, mix it into Ramen noodles.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Boogie-sized Pizza

Tonight's dinner was Boogie-sized Pizzas!  Made by my Boogie and me...

1 roll refrigerator biscuits
spaghetti sauce
finely shredded mozzarella cheese

We laid out the individual biscuits and squished them a little, though they probably should've been flattened a little more...Then add spaghetti sauce, just about a tablespoon, maybe a little more, then top with the cheese...the flattening and cheese topping were Boogie's favorite parts, before the eating part anyway lol...


Preheat the oven to 375, then cook for about 12 minutes.


And BAM!  Boogie-sized pizzas...

And Boogie-sized pizzas lead to a happy, full bellied Boogie...

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Accidental Perfect Photo

Sometimes you go to take a picture of your child and they move, the angle wasn't right, the sun was in the way, you forgot to move your fat ass fingers out of the way of the lens, whatever, something happens and it's not the picture you wanted.  Sometimes it's a photo of the ground or an unflattering look at your double chin...

But sometimes, it's perfect.  It's not the picture you were going for, but it's great anyway...You catch them at a moment that makes you look at them and then back at the world with a new attitude for the day...

It doesn't matter that they told you 8 times that morning to "leave me 'lone" or that the stomped their feet like a whole herd of rhinos when you told them they couldn't wear their blue and red Spiderman shorts with their green Polo shirt or that they asked you eleven billion times to "turn something on for me" while they ate their breakfast when all you were trying to do was grab yourself some yogurt...

The Accidental Perfect Photo 9/23/2013

Friday, August 23, 2013

The fair's in town!

 We went to the fair last weekend on the last day it was in town.  Boogie got to ride so many rides and even got to ride in a monster truck!

 Who doesn't love fair food, rides, animals, monster trucks and tractors?  We were there for 6 hours and he still wasn't ready to leave then!  But boy was he tired.  The night before he didn't want to go to bed, but that night he was telling me it was time early lol.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Doesn't everyone?

Doesn't everyone play monster trucks on the floor, nekkid?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hello from DisneyWorld

Hello to all from DisneyWorld!

Boog and I were in the Magic Kingdom on July 23 and obviously had a terrible time ;)

We spent a wonderful week in Florida on vacation and I certainly didn't want to come back.  I shall have a ton more photos to post and some funnies later.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Boog and I had the same dinner tonight - kinda. We both had brown rice and steamed veggies (carrots and peas) along with chicken nuggets. Except I let mine soak in some Frank's Red Hot sauce for a while before tossing them in the oven. Super yummy!

I love that if given the option between veggies and fries, Boog will choose veggies 90% of the time. 

Monday, June 17, 2013

New year, new habits

I recently joined a gym - I'm hoping to start some new habits and get myself healthy.  It's certainly about time I got off my ass and did something to improve my health for my son.  I want to be able to play with him, to run around with him, hell, I just want to live long enough to see him grow up.

So I talked my sister in to going with me Sunday.  I did about 35 minutes on a stationary bike and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  It's all in my head, but I totally felt better later in the day.  But I look at it like this, if I mentally psych myself into feeling better already, that will just encourage me to keep working at it.

For my birthday, my sister made me cupcakes, the yummiest, low calorie double chocolate cheesecake cupcakes ever.  She also gave me money to pay for a month of my gym membership.  My other sister bought me a few shirts and a pair of long shorts to work out in.  And my dad bought me the Fit Bit Flex!  It hasn't gotten here yet, but I'm pretty excited waiting for it.

This is going to be the hardest thing I've ever done.  Guess I'll just have to be the little (big ass) engine that could lol.

Oh a Boogie funny - I gave him a baby corn last night at dinner and he liked it, so he got a few more...He tried to eat them like regular corn, it was the cutest thing.

When I told him I was going to the gym, he asked why and I said it was to get healthy.  My friend told him it was so I could get skinny.  So when he went to the child play area at the gym and I picked him up, he asked if I was skinny yet lol.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Square peg in a round hole

That's how I feel sometimes, like I don't belong. Like I shouldn't be here, like an intruder. Since you've been gone, I feel like the string holding me to everyone is gone too. I feel like "one of these things is not like the others."  I don't match in looks or behavior, or even in intelligence if truth be told. 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Memorial Day 2013

Photos from the day can be found at https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/107910079269103863204/albums/5884200001718837665.  They are in no particular order.

This is one taken by someone else and I just love it.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

More than life

The longer I try to play this role of mother, the more I am convinced that I have no clue what I'm doing...I can only hope that Boog knows I did the best I could and that I love him more than life...

And that I tried not to fuck him up too bad...
Virginia Beach, April 2013

Thursday, April 11, 2013


I'm not sure how to start this, or if I even should...Today is (would have been?) my mom's birthday...She was born in 1959, the second youngest of five, the youngest of the two girls...

My mom was something else...there are so many ways I looked up to and tried to be like her...When I was pregnant and trying to do more than I really had any business doing, she yelled at me and told me to knock it off...she told me that I wasn't her, I had serious problems that I needed to listen to what the doctors were saying and stay my ass on bed rest...and she was right - I remember all the things she was still doing when she was pregnant, thinking there was no reason I shouldn't still be up and taking care of things...

I'm not sure if anyone really knows how much her death has effected me...I was the one who was probably the hardest on her for her drinking...I couldn't see how she could continue to let drinking tear her life apart and drive her kids away from her - and I still don't...But with her death, there's so much that has to remain unsaid, things that she and I will never do, things that she and Jarryl will never do together, he'll never know how much fun she could be, how spontaneous she was, how fun loving she used to be...

Damn I miss her, especially when she was like this...happy, fun loving and care free...

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


It's been almost a year and I'm not taking it very well...

Monday, April 1, 2013

He came!

The Easter Bunny came to our house yesterday - what about yours?

I was trying to figure out how to explain the Easter Bunny last week and all I could come up with is that he's like Santa.  But instead of bringing toys, he brings candy and chocolate...

And is my child the only one to ask what kind of car the Easter Bunny drives?  I decided that he drives a truck, to have room for all the chocolate and candy...

Sounded good to Boog...

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Today was a pretty good day. Boog stayed in his bed except for once when he needed his diaper off. He got up in the morning to tell me he had to pee ("well go pee then").

He found his Easter basket with jelly beans, chocolate and DVDs - which we had to play one immediately lol - and his giant bunny. He shared his "snackies" with Skippy, who was speechless for a second lol.

Lunch and ice cream at Friendly's with Skippy followed by playing and a nap. Dinner of Pop pop's roast beast and potatoes and soon to bath and bed!

Monday, February 25, 2013


I am not crafty or creative in the least bit. So when I can manage to pull something off that's even a little bit of either, I get kinda giddy lol. Tonight I knew I was going to have leftovers for dinner but wasn't sure what to do for Boog.

He hasn't had hotdogs recently, so I figured I'd try to make those octopus hotdogs. So freaking easy. And Boog thought they were pretty nifty. He had to pull the legs off of them to eat them though.

I figured out for next time I'm going to make green mac and cheese for seaweed and put the octodog on top with a side of goldfish crackers. I'm feeling slightly proud of myself here lol.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Movie Date

Date night with my Boogie! We're going to go watch Toy Story 3 at the high school. They're hosting a movie night to donate to charity. Dinner at Wendy's pre movie, and waiting for our friends to join us.

Sunday, February 3, 2013


Boog had his first barbershop haircut this weekend!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Role reversal

This scenario is usually the other way around, with Boog laying on the Big Oaf...but I guess Oaf was feeling a little neglected this evening...