Friday, June 24, 2011

Time off

I just recently took some time off of both jobs - 6 glorious days! It was definitely time I needed, and my birthday fell within that time frame.

Here's a brief rundown of the week...

Thursday: Got up entirely too early since The Boy was supposed to work...Went to McD's for breakfast so as to not wake the others in the house...We went to a friend's house for a while, Boog and The Boy BOTH managed to fall asleep while we were there...That was followed by random nothing until we decided to hit the park after leaving my friend's house...Boog thought the sand was pretty cool and didn't give a crap about the geese.
: We actually ended up in a hotel for Thursday. We wanted to get out of the apartment and spend some time on our own...And Friday being my birthday, I wanted to have a few drinks...We actually stayed again Friday night too. We all took a wonderful 3 hour nap that afternoon! Then we spent some time in the pool - about 10 minutes before the thunder and rain started! But Boog played in the room with some toys, took a bath and generally had a good time.

: The Boy had to work, so we were up and out of the room at like 5:30!! Boog and I stayed in the car while The Boy was at work...We watched some Go Diego Go and had breakfast. We actually did that on Sunday and Monday mornings too...And Boog took a nap each morning. Saturday afternoon was way fun! We went to the Water Mine Water Park and had a BLAST!! Boog loved it, the lazy river, the water slides and the baby pool! I didn't get pics since I didn't want to get my phone wet. But I got this one during break time when he was eating some yogurt melts.

Sunday: We hit up the Reston Zoo for Father's Day - they had a 50% discount for dads, so it was the perfect time to go. We had a lot of fun, but it was WAY hot!! Boog was scared of some of the animals, a goat tried to nibble on his fingers and an ostrich scared BOTH of us. But a few friends met us there later and we did the wagon ride again. Things at the zoo are a lot different from when I remember going there.

Monday and Tuesday we didn't really do squat...We did play rescue rangers on Tuesday. A friend of a friend found a kitten. So Boog and I were at her house playing with the kids and asked another friend if she wanted the kitten...Sure did...So that evening we took the kitten, who has now been named Fuzzy to his new home...He will have his very own little girl as well as a cat brother and a giant white sissified Pit Bull...One should let the Pittie know that proper introductions are NOT made by sticking one's snout up the little critter's butt...Just sayin...

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