Saturday, July 2, 2011

from 6/5/2007 - No Place Like Home

No Place Like Home

So, I got up at 3: fricking 30 this morning to drive to my parents house to take them to the airport...I came back to her house to get some sleep before driving home...Jen doesn't come home until later tonight, so I wanted to let the dogs out for a little while rather than leave them locked up all day...and I had to get Capone to try to alleviate some of the stress on Jen for the week since I just left her with all the dogs last week.
Capone and I get back to my mom's house and her 2 dogs come outside to see who it is...Side note, Capone stayed here with both of her dogs for a week last year when I went out of town and he's the most submissive dog I have, he's NEVER started trouble with any other dog...all was fine outside, sniffing, running around and what mom can leave bones down with her dogs with no problem...i don't/can't do that at my house and it's not something Capone is used to and he will growl if another dog comes near him when he has a bone...So, Capone is chewing on a bone and Bear (mom's male GSD) gets too close, Capone growls, I yell...I got up and took the bone away and put it up...well, 2 minutes later, one of them snaps at the other, I'm inclined to believe it was Capone that did it...I got up, ready to separate them and yell at them at the same time and they stop...Capone ran under the coffee table and Bear was whining...Capone was made to lay down and hasn't been allowed to get up...Bear was bleeding under his chin, nothing serious but he whined a little - such a sissy, not that my dogs aren't...
So that better have been a one time thing or my week is going to SUCK...or Capone will have to go back home...I was thinking he'd be able to run around with Tasha and get Bear to run around a little too since Bear is WAY overweight...

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