Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Really Octonauts?

Things that make me say hmmm from the Octonauts...there are a few of them.  Have you seen the show?  No?  Well it's not a bad show.  It teaches compassion, learning about sea creatures and it's generally a fun show.

Some things from the show that I don't understand:

1. How is it that an octopus, polar bear, cat, dog, rabbit, penquin are all the same size?
2. Do any of the others have family, other than Professor Inkwell, Kwazi and Peso?  So far we've met Peso's mother and brother, Kwazi's grandfather and Professor Inkwell's cousin.  No one else's family is mentioned.
3. How did all these critters meet and someone not try to eat one of the others?
4. Who's funding this little operation of theirs?
5. How are Tweek's new gadgets and parts delivered?  I've never seen the FedEx guy show up in their Octopod.

And while we're on the topic of things that make you go hmmm from the world of kids cartoons, let's go with Bubble Guppies, aka little mermaid children:

1. Where are their parents?
2. How does an airplane fly in WATER?
3. They don't have enough creatures under the sea that they had to create a Bubble Puppy for the kids to have as a pet?
4. Do the kids have homes, or is it like boarding school?

What about Max and Ruby, bunnies?

1. Where are THEIR parents?
2. Who the hell left Ruby in charge?  She's kind of a snotty brat.  Just saying.
3. Why does gramma come visit and then LEAVE them home alone again?

That's all I've got right now, but feel free to add some of your own...

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