Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  This year I did things a little different.  There was no basket full of chocolate and candy to be had in our house...And instead of an egg hunt, there was a treasure hunt!

Boog had his Easter basket and with it was three envelopes, each with a picture clue for his treasures.  I saved the last one for the toy I knew he really wanted.

The envelopes were numbered and he had to open them in the right order as well as tell me what letter each picture started with.

His basket had one hollow chocolate bunny, some regular goldfish cracker snack packs, some graham cracker goldfish snack packs and some packs of fruit snacks.  His treasures were a Transformers RescueBots Memory game, a Heat Wave expansion for his Beam Box game system and last but not least:

Transformers RescueBots Blades transforming figure.  This is the toy he's been asking me for for over a month.  So he was super excited when he found it and kept jumping up and down.  He said they're going to snuggle together at bedtime tonight lol.

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