Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Party

My part-time job had a children's Christmas party last weekend at a bowling alley.  All children up to age 12 were invited.  They had pizza, sodas, cake, goody bags, mini nerf footballs and all the kids got a gift.  It was pretty cool.

Boog was happy to be there and kept asking if it was his turn to bowl, so we got him some bowling shoes and gave it a go lol.  Luckily they had ramps for the kids to push the balls down, and had the gutter guards up.

Then Santa showed up...and this is a child who won't talk to strangers, takes forever to warm up to new people and even people he hasn't seen in a while...Guess who RAN to Santa for a giant hug and even talked to him later about his "boo boo" - yeah, this kid lol...

And his gift was a tabletop electronic Spiderman pinball game!  Mommy just has to get batteries for the darn thing...but the good news is that he can still play with it without the batteries - it's just not as cool lol.

Boog fell asleep in the car and got carried into the house where he woke up briefly to ask me to snuggle and promptly fell back asleep for a couple hours.

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