Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Getting too big

Someone got his new big boy bed this weekend.  It’s in between being a loft and a junior loft.  It was made by my uncle for my cousin over 20 years ago.  My other uncle cut it down so it’s just tall enough for Boog to fit underneath without bonking his head on it.

Boog is super excited to have a big boy bed and have room to stretch since he was as long as his toddler bed at this point.  He likes that he has room to play up there if he wants and finds it hilarious that he can touch the ceiling.  He keeps forgetting that his has to crawl and can’t stand when he’s up there.  It’s only been two days, so I imagine he’ll remember soon enough.

He runs around and stands under it, just because he can lol.  I told him we’d turn it into a little hiding space for him, like his own little clubhouse.  I’m going to try to find either a dinosaur or Transformer curtain to hang across the front opening for him and maybe a small lamp to put on the dresser that’s going to be under there.

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