Sunday, June 21, 2015

Bitter and Petty

I know I should be the better person at all times, but more especially on days like today.  But on days like today, I feel like being a bitter, petty bitch.

It's father's day.  Boog's "father" isn't in his life at all for the past year.  Boog hasn't seen him in a year.  Hasn't heard from him either.  The little contact I've had with him in the last 6 months were not him asking about Boog.

I don't know what to tell Boog when he asks where his daddy is, why he doesn't come visit or play with him.  There was no parent handbook when I left the hospital, and I'm damn sure it wouldn't have had a chapter on how to answer questions relating to an absent father.  It would have been different if he'd never been part of Boog's life, but I tried damn hard for the first few years to make sure he was.  But I just couldn't take on that responsibility anymore and that's when the visits and calls went from occasional to non-existent.

So on this day, I say thank you to my (step) dad and my father for being there for me and for Boog.  I say happy father's day to all the dad's I know who are stepping up to be the father they are supposed to be.  I say thank you to all the step parents to step up and be the daddy that someone else couldn't be.

But I can't bring myself to say happy father's day to the sorry fuck that contributed DNA to my Boog, my greatest joy, my sarcastic, stubborn, sassy little man.

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