Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Food: Corn Chicken Chowder

So I made corn chicken chowder the other night...or at least that's what I'm calling it...Boog called it yummy chicken and the next night it was yummy soup...

~2 chicken breasts, boneless/skinless - cut into small pieces before cooking
~1 whole chopped onion
~2 cans Jolly Green Giant Southwestern Corn (
~and I used the celery that I'd had left over from another dinner, which wasn't much...I would add more next time honestly.

I cooked all of that in the crock pot in chicken broth for about 7-8 hours on low. Then I added some butter, about 3 teaspoons, and a pint of half and half and let cook for another hour on was less thick than I was expecting, but it was perfect for us...

Boog seriously ate big (for him) bowls of it each night...that first night he didn't want to try it, which is normal for him, but once i forced that first bite, he ate by himself...with a mouthful he said it was yummy chicken...the next night he knew what it was and dug in...asking if i was eating yummy soup too...


  1. holy moly... please come cook me dinner... .please please please please please. Ok, I'm done!

  2. Cari it was SO easy! the most time consuming part was probably cutting the chicken...