Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I. Hate. Hospitals...

Just saying...People in them are generally in a foul mood, maybe not directly, but they are not happy about where they are, that's for sure!

I was recently in the hospital for just over 4 days...and it sucks! Usually I can tell when I'm going to be admitted by my doctor. This time it just hit me out of left field!

On Thursday (BOOGIE'S BIRTHDAY) I started feeling ill, then started throwing up. I felt so bad, that I had to make The Boy drive part of the way home. We got home and my dad tells me he ordered pizza for Boog's birthday - I quietly go upstairs to die in my own bed. I slept for a bit, and considering I wouldn't sleep well the rest of the night, it was a blessing.

The Boy kept Boog downstairs for a while so I could get some rest, and didn't bring him up till it was time for sleep. I woke up probably every hour or so and would either throw up or feel like I was going to throw up. Everything from the past 24 hours made a re-appearance...

Friday morning I felt slightly better, but was still feeling like yuck. The Boy kept Boog occupied for the most part and we took him to his 2 year check up that afternoon. I'd had a pain in my side since I had started getting sick, so I called my doctor to see if they could see me that afternoon, but no dice.

Saturday morning, my doctor told me to go to the mini emergency room for dehydration and to see if I'd done something to my rib(s). I still hadn't been able to keep anything down, other than a small amount of ginger ale. The ER told me I had a nasty kidney infection and they started me on IV antibiotics, then told me that I was dehydrated and my heart rate was WAY off. So they wanted to move me to the cardio unit at Fairfax Hospital (aka my home away from home).

So, 4 days later, I finally came home on Wednesday...Got sent home with 2 of my meds increased, added an oral antibiotic and some pain meds for the pain I still had in my side...Oh! And I had to have an oxygen tank for travel and an oxygen machine in the house, to use 24/7!

We had to cancel Boog's birthday party that was supposed to be on Sunday since I was in the hospital =(

I have follow up appointments this week and next, and hope to have the oxygen out of the house after that...Cross your fingers for me...

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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that... sending my thoughts north!