Thursday, January 5, 2012

Color Me Surprised

I was a little unsure if Boog was going to eat the dinner I made the other night...I knew he'd eat the corn, and I was pretty sure he'd eat the garlic butter rice...But the chicken had me thinking I'd be popping some nuggets in the microwave for him...

I took two chicken breasts and soaked them in Italian dressing all day, then cooked them in the oven with the dressing they'd been soaking in...Something simple and thrown together at the last minute that morning before we left for work...

I made Boog's plate with rice, corn and cut up chicken, grabbed a spoon for him and his juice...He and I sat down to eat, and the first thing he grabbed was a piece of chicken...I asked if he had chicken and he announced that he had "Yummy Chicken!"

I was right about the rice though, he wasn't thrilled with it...he ate all his corn and then started in on mine lol...I had to break out the ketchup to get him to eat the last few pieces of his chicken, but he ate a good dinner for me.

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